The Western Massachusetts Puppetry Guild’s Mission: 

Create a forum to share and grow the art of puppetry from those who have great knowledge in the art form to those who love the art and are fascinated by it, and to those looking to learn and grow the art of puppetry in this region and share with the community.  The purpose of this guild will be to bring all of these people together, to unite in this common cause, and to create a welcoming atmosphere to new folks wanting to learn about puppetry.

Back in May 2020 we surveyed social media for folk’s interest in starting a new puppetry guild in the region and the interest was overwhelming!  Due to the pandemic we held our first meeting as a guild over Zoom on June 17th, 2020.  We have had only two guild meetings so far but have already accumulated 50 followers to our Facebook group page (, have formed our first committee which is forming this very website, and had a large presence at the very recent first Virtual Puppet Con ( I hope that you may join us on our voyage at building this guild.  Stay tuned very soon for ways to officially join our guild here on our website from the “Membership” tab.  Any questions can be directed to