Young Puppeteer Film Contest 2023


“Let’s Go to the Movies”



How to join the fun:

  1. Make a short video (3 minutes or less) using puppets and your friends.

  2. Send your video before August 25, 2023

Contest Details

Contestants may work as an individual or as a team.  Make a video 3 minutes or less in length.

  • Any type or combination of puppetry styles is acceptable; shadows, hand puppets, masks, rod puppets, marionettes, stop motion, etc.

  • We are going to split the contest into the two age categories of “Kids” (0 – 12)  and “Teens” (13 –  19).

This year’s suggested theme is “Let’s Go to the Movies “.  Use this for inspiration or think of your own ideas.

This contest is completely free and open to all young puppeteers. Films will be prescreened to make sure they stay within the guidelines and follow our few rules in order to be accepted.

      • Include this title card somewhere in the beginning or end of your film.
      • Add a 5 second lead at the begining and end of the film for ease in editing.

Check out these links to learn how to make your film:

Contest Rules

In order to participate all participants must submit a registration form with signed permission from parent or guardian (a team may use all the same form, but will still require individual signatures).   All video submissions and registration need to be received by Friday, August 25, 2023.

An on-line presentation of all accepted videos and awards shown after Saturday, September 2. (You do not have to be present to win.)

    • Adults are allowed to help and assist, but the team leader and stars of the show must be kids. The age category should be based upon the average age of participants.

    • IMPORTANT: No licensed material may be included in these films, please keep it all original work (music or video).  Here is a great chance for you to create your own.

    • Films may have a combination of puppets and other living creatures like humans or pets, but the cast must be primarily puppets.

    • No mature content (language, politics, blood, gore, or violence, or other adult themes).

    • Have fun!

Awards, Prizes, and Judging

    • Puppetry design (how the puppets look and move as well as originality, creativity, and ingenuity)

    • Puppetry performance (how well do you perform with your puppets)

    • Story (characterization, dialog, and script)

    • Other creative elements: (props, costuming, music or sound effects)

    • We will not be judging on film quality because we do not want folks to have to buy expensive equipment. Just do the best with what you have available.

    • If you would like to donate a prize towards the contest winners contact us at


SUBMIT YOUR FILM  (before August 25, 2023)


Your video file should be identified with the Title or Name (same as on Entry Form)


Send to



Our goal is to create a large young puppeteer section of the guild, bring them together and give them an opportunity to meet other kids who are fascinated by the art of puppetry. Just like us “adults”. And provide a forum to collaborate with their peers.  We hope that this summer’s contest will inspire many new young puppeteers.